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Portrait of Patrick Miller


About Me:

    I have spent a life time, chasing speed. My former career in an Elite Counter Terrorism Unit put me at the cusp of adrenaline and speed daily, performance driving, jumping from planes and driving 700hp boats filled my existence with joy. Since retiring after a 20 year career, I find my self chasing that thrill by capturing it through visual art.  


    I have always been a petrol head, my love for machine has always allowed me to capture the unique perspective of all things fast. My personal hobbies through out the years have included motocross, car tuning, track days, off roading, and whenever possible shooting pixels with the camera in my hand, from gopro to my Sony A9 I love to capture the thrill. 


    To my prospective clients, you can always expect a relentless work ethic, the ability to work independently or in a team, and superb imagery. 

Sgt. Patrick Miller before jumping Halo
Jumping Boat
Patricks Evo X at Calabogie Race Track
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Comercial Projects & Partners

Heading 2

In my commercial photography ventures, I've had the honor of being working for a range of esteemed brands, companies, and organizations. Below is a curated list showcasing those who have entrusted their visual storytelling to my abilities

Cross Industries
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